My Platform

Let's make 2017 different.

Let's make it the year that changes are made to benefit every student in every school in CMS.

Let's make it the year that parents are seen as allies and respected as the most ferocious advocates for our students.


Let's make it the year that students know and understand their leadership potential in schools and in their communities.

Let's make it the year that teachers  are shown professional dignity, respect and gratitude for their work in our schools. 

2017 could be that year.

Change Starts Here.

I’m excited about the possibilities and energized by my platform to help the school district focus on being:

  • More accountable to the success of all students in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

  • Better advocates for the students, parents and teachers today.

  • More attentive to the needs of the future of Charlotte.

What does this mean for our educational community? The following:

For Teachers

  • Teachers are respected and supported as skilled professionals. 
  • Every teacher is provided with competitive pay and professional development that allows for instructional success.
  • Teachers are the keystone to student achievement. Teacher perspectives are critical in shaping the district’s education policy.

For Students

  • Student achievement and outcomes cannot be predicted by zip code.
  • Students receive a comprehensive education that fosters the academic, social, and emotional skills that they need to be successful citizens in Charlotte.
  • Student voice is central to crafting the policies and practices of our schools. 

For Parents

  • Our parents are empowered and valued as allies.
  • Every parent deserves the right to play an active role in his or her child’s learning experience.
  • All parents are essential to decision ­making at the classroom and school­ wide level.

I’m willing to lead, ready to act, and look forward to not only engaging in further conversations about these issues - but taking action to ensure each of them becomes the reality in our Charlotte community.  

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